Presently the main equity investiments of Al.Ste are:

Gallery Srl – Real Estate

Gallery srl is the main Real Estate Agency in the Province of Trieste. Its head office is in Trieste and it has branches in Muggia and in the Gorizia Area. Inside Gallery, Stefano Mocavero, one of Al.Ste shareholders is working with success. With the aquisitioin of this investment, bought in January 2017, our company rienforces and increases its presence within high earning service companies. VAI AL SITO >>>

C.E.M. Srl – Industrial Plant

Based in the industrial zone in Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia). C.E.M Srl has been operating in the electric and heating sectors for over 30 years. Specialized in the building and maintenance of technological installations for the industrial and service sectors. It operates also in the renewable energy sector following the planning of the projects. VAI AL SITO >>>

SMARTIKA Spa – Financial Sector

Based in Milan, Smartika Spa is the first company operating in the social lending field on the internet. Smartika Spa works like a market place connecting who needs a loan with people who want to invest money outside the normal banking system but under the control of Italian National Bank. VAI AL SITO >>>

ALMA VIRTUAL Ltd – Real Estate Sector

A Real Estate company based in Funchal (Madera Island – Portugal). It specializes in touristic buildings and is also working as a sub-holding for foreign investments.

PRIVATE HOSPITALS – Villa Serena and Villa Igea

There are two private hospitals based in Forli with very high specialisation and skills. In particular it is specialised in orthopaedics and rehabilitation. VAI AL SITO >>>

MCUBE Spa – Hi-Tech Sector

MCube Spa is a Triestine company of digital signage operating all over the world with an objective to create value through digital technology. MCube is a leading company in allowing companies to communicate with their customers using state of the art systems and solutions. MCube’s clients are companies working in the field of luxury products and financial markets. VAI AL SITO >>>

GRUPPO SEVERAL – Insurance Sector

Several, a society with its headquarters in Trieste, is operative in Triveneto as an insurance brokerage in both public and corporate sectors. It is a market leader in the Province of Trieste spreading its operation into Veneto, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. VAI AL SITO >>>