CURRICULUM VITAE – Dott. Alessandro Mocavero

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Biographical Information

Born in Rome on 12/02/1964, graduated in Trieste with the highest grades in Law.
Thesis on the rights of minority partners with the professor De Ferra.
Married with two children and living in Trieste.

Work Experience

– Presently the sole administrator of the society AL.STE SRL holding of investments in the industrial and building sectors; furthermore, he is on the council of administrators of the Society participate of Mcube spa, Turreno srl, Exedra srl and Several srl.

– From 2013 sole administrator of the Portuguese society of investments Alma Virtual LTD.

– In 2006 also deals in the diversifying in the real estate activities beyond Italian borders into Spain, Portugal and Croatia in particular.

– In 2004 begins a diversification in the real estate sector as both builder and manager.

– At the end of 1995 becomes administrator of the family society AL.STE srl. The society is active in the development of Start Up of small and medium industrial buildings which, once launched and valuated, are sold.

– In 1994 leaves the company, returns to Trieste and completes his education with an apprenticeship at the law studio Kostoris and at the professional studio Menichelli.

– In 1990 begins his work experience at the D. Tripcovic SPA company, quoted at the stock exchange, which is a holding industrial company. In the first years he deals with general and legal affairs, in 1993 he transfers to Milan to work in the subsidiary Gottardo Ruffoni SPA head of the transport and logistic sector. In this location he worked to check the managing of the participate companies and the financial situation.

Working skills and abilities

The abilities acquired in these years are focused on the financial sector and management control. In particular he developed a wide experience in banking relationships, both in the sector of enterprise financing, in its different technical forms and in the investment of possible gains. Optimal ability to manage the organisation of a firm enabling coherence between the business’ direction and its realisation.

Spoken languages

Good level in English and Spanish in both speaking and writing. Basic Portuguese.

Other Information

– Since 2006 has been the President of the Association against pain G. Mocavero; a charity that fundraises for those in need afflicted with chronic pain. Recently the association has turned its interests toward those in an economic crisis.

– Last but not least, his interest in the sports arena where he not only sponsors but is involved on a managerial level with the Azzurra Basket and A.s.d. Audace Fighting club. He runs with passion at least one marathon a year with the historical Triestine running group “Calzini Sbusai”.

Alessandro Mocavero