Al.Ste is an investment company specialised in the buying, management and development of companies and start-up. The investments are diversified and our portfolio ranges from industry and services to technology.

Al.Ste. was established in Perugia on the 7th of December 1981 by the family Carloni Mocavero to increase the value of their properties.

In 1981 their sons Alessandro and Stefano (giving the acronym Al.Ste.) were only 17 and 8 years old respectively, but the family had already planned their future commitment to the newly formed company.

The company began its journey as a real estate company, focused on the buying and management of commercial buildings.

Its development was constant and significant, from 200sm managed in the first year to the present day 3500sm. The square metres increased as did the types of buildings invested in.

In 1989, when the company moved from Perugia to Trieste, Al.Ste started to diversify its business.

In 1995 it added to its historical core business of real estate the activity of the buying, merging and development of equity investments and start ups.

Today Al.Ste owns property in Fruili Venezia Giulia, in Central Italy and in Madeira, in Portugal.

Initially focused on industrial manufacturing, Al.Ste is today busy with service and technology activities.